CMED Construction recognized in ASEAN


The 2022 Business Excellence Award is given to CMED Construction among 16 other companies in ASEAN countries as a recognition for a company with upward steady business revenue, strong corporate social responsibility, and commitments to excellence in the industry. The award reiterates the right business model that CMED Construction has adopted as well as launching CMED Construction into the recognition in the region at par with other excellent companies in other 9 countries in ASEAN.


CMED Construction Company would like to express appreciation and admiration to KSI for the hard work that has been done in scouting and evaluating qualified companies for this prestigious award without having to apply for it. We also would like to convey our sincere gratitude for His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhonn for handing out the award personally. Last but not least, we are deeply honored to have attended the event chaired by Samdech Techo Prime Minister Hun Sen as ASEAN’s Chairman for the year in The 2022 ASEAN Leadership and Partnership Forum held at Hyatt Recency in Phnom Penh on 11th and 12th September.


With the above recognition, it reinvigorates our core philosophy “Trust” and our motto “Build for Best” to further serve our customers as well as our Cambodian society. CMED Construction will play a bigger role in guiding the industry for the better in near future. Please stay tuned!