CMED Construction Contributed to the COVID-19’s Combating Effort for Mean Chey District

To support Cambodia government responding to COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Chea Huy, CEO of CMED Construction, has recently donated 5,000 USD to COVID-19 Combating Team at Mean Chey District. This is one among many donations CMED Construction had made in supporting Cambodia’s society in dealing with COVID-19. Apart from supporting the government, CMED Construction had taken care of our stakeholders by various measures such as:


  • Preventative measures at office and site locations to protect the health of both clients and employees, including regular deep cleaning of facilities, practicing “social distancing,” and offering remote work options for employees.
  • Provided supports to employees who have impacted by COVID-19 during their quarantines and treatments.
  • Organized vaccination program to protect and support the health and safety for all employees.
  • Invested in protective equipment to minimize the risk of exposure within the workplace.


Many more donations both personally and corporately from our top management. Contribution to society is one of the three tenets of CMED’s philosophy and this always guides us to the right growth. CMED will continue supporting our employees as well as the community so that we can prosper together.